I’m so so sorry



I keep doing this taking ages to write something 😦 it’s not been easy these past few months my emotions have been up and down with friendships, finding out good and bad news etc.

Anyway on a positive note I have gone on a healthy eating plan,  I’m confident this time 😁  also I have a little Samsung tablet so it’s more easy for me, This seems to fit perfect on a Samsung device anyway.

I know it’s late but I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and new year and all that you deserve 😃

Sorry about the non emoji only a few as I have to update my keyboard with them lol.

So who is a Samsung user and a iPhone user?? I’m both I don’t really have a favourite at the moment just because I’m quite new to a android Samsung tablet anyways. I love how you can customise you’re phone and everything 🙂  only problem is I’ve never had a phone like it,  I renew my phone in September so I will let you know on that one.

Also I have done a lot more writing but I will be writing on here more regular now I have a tablet for quick and easy to pop on, laptop computer hurts my eyes because of my sensory issue.

I will be writing about a few things happening or have happened in the next couple of days so watch out for my posts guys.

Thank you for all my new followers,   yes I do follow back and I do also read them and find new posts etc.

Happy Tuesday people

Much love Demi xxx


Thoughts about life

Why do people struggle, why do the best ones to anyway??

Letting out steam right here right now, emotions who likes them? Not me

Life having depression sucks ass, life having borderline personality sucks too.

However life can be how you make it, it’s how You choose to solve the problems, live you’re life for you not for other people.

Happy Sunday friends ❤️


This year has been a crazy year, so I haven’t stuck to my healthy eating, I haven’t done anything different just stayed in my Demi bubble – Asperger’s 🌺

I have been to Egypt and Corfu this year and I’ve loved both of them.

I have got amazing people in my life and you know who you are.

This is going to be my end of year post till next year 🧡

All i am going to say is I’ve done it.

2019 a new blog.

Re united with my writing

I’m so sorry that I’ve not posted anything for 6 months life has been so crazy, I’ve had so much going on my heads been over the place.

I also have a new phone that actually works with this app so I sure will be posting again 😘

I hope you are all doing fine and everything okay,

Just know that life does get better, keep faith you can do this

💪♥️ You can do this, life is a battle but never give up 😘😁

🐻❤️ thank you..

Thank you..

sorry I haven’t been writing, I’m struggling quite a lot recently and I thought I had hold of it but unfortunately I don’t, I just wish there was a cure for this illness, I’m not depressed I’m just very anxious right now about literally everything 😭😭

I’m sorry for not posting remember you guys keep me strong as well as other people, I won’t ever leave don’t worry, I enjoy writing to much for that, I’ve done a speech for anxiety witch will be posted over the Christmas period 🙂


how are you all?? Hope you’re doing well.

has everyone finish there Christmas shopping? Nope, I haven’t yet anxiety has been kicked out more often than usual 😦 but I’ve got a little don’t need to do anything to major anyway.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year, it’s special not just for presents but family time.

❤️I wish you all a happy Christmas❤️🎄

Life just been getting to much!!

I just want to say a very big sorry for not catching up with my blog for 2 or something weeks, it’s been up and down with general emotions, always remember I really appreciate all the followers and who take the time out to contact me 🙂

This is just a overal touch up on everything,

well most not to personal but you know what I mean.

Today im writing on Halloween and I love the idea of it however… Anyone who suffers with anxiety will understand what I mean, mixed feelings, not because I’m scared because I’m not… it’s I don’t know can’t explain it.

i hope you are all doing fine here thank you to my 20 followers 🙂

i should have wrote about my holiday but I’ve just not got round to it but I will say it was amazing and made loads of memories that I won’t ever forget and next year I’m going on holiday for my birthday! Maybe the same place not to sure, I will leave the holiday blog for now.

My general health I’m doing pretty well, good days bad days but I’m going out a lot more and meeting with some of my friends every now and then, I’m pretty proud of that anyway considering I was in the house all the time, I’ve got a few appointments with that anyways.

I can’t remember all that I’ve wrote on here before so I’m just going to real of what’s in my head, let my hands do the typing and talking lol.

So my anxiety effects me more ways than one and some days are harder than others it’s effecting my stomach now, they don’t know if this is the main cause of my stomach upset or there more to it.. I have to go and see someone about this on the 13th November. Fingers crossed anyways.

I just want to take a little moment to talk about one of my biggest dreams other than blogging!

Losing weight and loving my own body is the most important thing a human could have or should have, it plays a big part in life anyways, I started my journey a few weeks ago 🙂 I’m losing weight and I hope to achieve many more things along my weight loss journey.

Ive always been tuning in to more music lately, music is the power to the soul personally, writing is the power to the soul to, everything you do in life plays a big part to you’re heart ❤️

love you all 😁🌺


Happy Weekend

Good afternoon hope you are all doing well this weekend, I haven’t wrote a blog on a weekend for a while, so its a family day in Yay.

hope you are all doing okay this weekend.

I’ve just been chilling and looking up MP3 players because it relaxes me so hopefully it will work while I’m out, I know streaming it does so headphones is all good ❤

just thought id write a little something, I don’t know what else to say so I am going to leave this post for now.


chow have a good evening all

Much love

Panda ❤